Buy wine directly from the source, up to 30% cheaper.

Boost your margins, cut down the complexity.

The problem we solve

Say goodbye to middlemen. Hello to direct trade.

The wine market is complex and traditional. Many middlemen are involved and processes are often done by hand. This results in unnecessarily high prices for hospitality businesses, and slim margins for wine producers.

Our platform makes wine trade more efficient by cutting out unnecessary middle man and automating the process. This results in fairer margins for producers and better prices for the hospitality industry.


Simple, Efficient, Effective

Revino allows restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality businesses to buy high-quality wine directly from wine producers. All the logistics and excise duties are taken care of automatically. On top of that, we are completely transparant about the prices so everyone is assured of a fair price.

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Simple Logistics

We take care of all logistical and tax obligations, enabling next day delivery from local stock.

Why Revino?

  1. Save up to 30% on your purchase
  2. Experience 100% transparent purchasing of your wines
  3. Easy and competitive logistics service

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