Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio
Italy, Abruzzo

Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio

Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio

Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio





  • Biologic certified

Biography of Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio

The Alfredo D'Eusanio Organic Farm is located in the Riccio hills on the north side of Ortona, in the province of Chieti. Abruzzo (Region of Parks), Italy The Ortonesi hills are well known for their beauty and the concentration of vineyards. An area among the greenest in Europe, with a stretch of coast that is unique for its natural and landscape value (it is recognized as the "Costa Teatina National Park"). The land is located at an altitude that varies between 80 and 130 meters. The company, therefore, is located in a very favorable position, with the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Majella and Gran Sasso on the other. The approximately 10 hectares of land are used for the cultivation of wine and table grapes, olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil, seasonal fruit and vegetables, all strictly with organic method certified by ICEA. The Organic Farm ALFREDO D'EUSANIO was born from the desire to safeguard traditions, knowledge and agricultural biodiversity. Starting from the experience of our grandparents and parents, through the fruits of the earth, we try to tell the strength of a past that still happens, blending ancient wisdom with the culture of sustainability and ethics. Hence the need for a production system that respects the environment and human health, embodied in the management of the company according to the organic method.

The wines of Azienda Agricola Alfredo D'Eusanio