Pietro Beconcini Agricola S.S.
Italy, Toscana

Pietro Beconcini Agricola S.S.

Pietro Beconcini Agricola S.S.

Pietro Beconcini Agricola S.S.





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Biography of Pietro Beconcini Agricola S.S.

My project at BECONCINI winery began to take shape in small steps in the early 90s , with a few years of territorial study , with the first vintage of my pure Sangiovese in 1995 , definitively taking over from my father in the business management. Since 1997 I have been assisted by my wife Eva Bellagamba , who heroically chooses to share this path with me, sacrificing her future as an architect. I think I can say that the patience and caution with which I have undertaken the research work in the field have been the real key to all future work. The most important results were in chronological order: 01 To deeply understand my lands, until then cultivated in an archaic way 02 The selection of two local Sangiovese clones with which I still produce today 03 The choice to increase the presence of Malvasia Nera, a faithful travel companion of Sangiovese 04 The identification of the unexpected presence in San Miniato of this fantastic plant that today we finally know to be Tempranillo . Ungrafted Tempranillo !! But The history of my company begins long before I was born. We are talking about the beginning of the last century. The wines that I make now as well are produced with the same sure-footed prudence I have always used. I have always striven to achieve the best balance possible both in the vineyard and in the cellar before I introduce a new wine. I consider myself an out-and-out tradionalist who uses a few barriques and tonneuax for tempranillo besides the big wooden barrels for the sangiovese. Going back to 1993, We discovered a group of 213 vines, growing on their own roots, already quite ancient, We called them “grape X”. We know today that the ancestors of our vines were carried here by travellers who were following the Via Francigena, which passes right through my winery property, on their way to Rome on religious pilgrimages. Only in 2004 did we learn the actual name of the variety, tempranillo, thanks to advanced DNA identification techniques. For Direct contact please sent a mail to Eva: [email protected]

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