Château Camparnaud
France, Provence

Château Camparnaud

Château Camparnaud

Château Camparnaud





  • Sustainable Viticulture

Biography of Château Camparnaud

An hour's drive from the Côte d'Azur is a 16th century estate deeply rooted in the rolling hills, forests and green heart of Provence. It’s a place where the vineyards are treated with the utmost care resulting in the production of delightful rosé wines. 
 Wine has been produced at Château Camparnaud since 1879, but in 2000 the estate came into the possession of Dutch wine expert Marnix Engels who, in collaboration with Guillaume de Chevron Villette, managed to turn the property into a world class domain. Marnix Engels is a renowned entrepreneur in the Dutch wine industry. He was sworn in as an “expert, broker and appraiser in wine” in 1997 and has since grown his wine agency into one of the largest in the country working with some of the best wine producers from around the world like Romanée Conti and Petrus. The French government awarded him for his efforts with a Merite Agricole and he is currently the chairman of the ‘Dutch Institute of Experts in Wine & Spirits’. The noble de Chevron Villette family dates back to 1189 and has centuries of experience in winemaking. Today Guillaume de Chevron Villette is a proud owner of one of the most modern wineries in Provence. The company only uses state of the art wine making technology and has been the driving force behind sustainable farming practices in the region, pushing towards a cleaner, safer and healthier industry. In 2010 Marnix Engels and Guillaume de Chevron Villette established a joint venture to combine their shared knowledge and passion. The result of this unique collaboration is what you can discover at Château Camparnaud; a beautiful estate in the green heart of the Var - Provence where excellent rosé wines are made with respect for people and the planet.

Our team would like to welcome you. Marnix Engels & Guillaume de Chevron Villette